Colosseum Web Tour

The Colosseum Web Tour is a time machine to go back in time, up to the Ancient Rome.

The Colosseum is and was a symbol of power and of the greatness of the Rome, exactly of the Roman Empire.

The idea of this tour is an entertaining mix of pictures, videos and quiz about gladiatorial’s fight, animal’s games and the incredible architecture of 2000 years ago.Colosseum WebTour

We’ll discover with you the lake that was instead of the Colosseum, the family that made the most impressive amphitheater of the time, the bloody pastime of the Romans.

Immagine to live one long day inside the Colosseum, to watch games from the sunrise to the sunset.

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We will use ZOOM as digital platform.

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Colosseum WebTour
Il Colosseo e i sotterranei di San Clemente
Colosseum WebTour
Colosseum WebTour

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