Vatican Museums Web Tour

The Vatican Museums Web Tour is an experience inside one of the biggest museum of the world, but it’s also a dive in to an immense collection where is possible to find artworks between the Roman and Greek sculptures and the masterpieces of Renaissance.

The virtual journey starts with a relatively modern part of the museum, the New Wing, a long corridor full of ancient works of the roman Era, the visit goes on to the museum of the Animals, a show of stone animals, but one of the best part of the Vatican Museums is  the Pio Clementine Museum where it’s possible find the favorite statue of Michelangelo and a gigantic golden Hercules. Simply it’s not possible miss the rooms painted by Raffaello Sanzio and something that usually is not easy for a visit, the Nicolina Chapel.Vatican Museum Web Tour

We’d like to end by telling you about the most beautiful ceiling ever made: the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.

The WebTour lasts 1 hour and it’s not  only a talk, but we’ll see video, many pictures and the visit will be as much as possibile realistic thanks the virtual pages of the Vatican Museums web pages.

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We will use ZOOM as digital platform.

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Vatican Virtual Tour
Vatican Museum Web Tour
Vatican Museum Web Tour
Vatican Museum Web Tour
Vatican Museum Web Tour
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